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The Embrart packaging development department works hard to guarantee a unique and truly efficient solution for our customers. This is achieved thanks to our expertise in corrugated cardboard packaging and industrial logistics operations and processes, and our mission to constantly propose alternatives to our customers that generate better results for their businesses.

The professionals who work in the development department are specialized designers who meticulously analyse each case and may visit customers in loco to better detect their needs and consequently create a unique solution.

Embrart uses a Reverse Design method to conduct this work. This innovative method aims to question all the points that are considered critical and may generate some form of inefficiency within the logistics flow adopted by each company.

Another issue that concerns Embrart is finding the perfect balance between cost and effectiveness.

Balancing quality and cost. In recent years, Embrart has created and implemented a series of innovative packaging solution and has helped customers significantly reduce costs and increase productivity. In many cases, this reduction represents an economy of BRL 100,000.00 per year.